Month: March 2020

When You Have To Work From Home

Given the Covid 19 pandemic many people are being ordered to work from home. But what if you don’t have a company computer, and you have to work with the computer that you have at home? And what if that computer is just not up to snuff and is slow? We are here to help – here are a few tips that you can use to improve your computer and speed it up so that you can work from home with much fewer hiccups. Overall if you can improve your experience with your computer you will have a much more enjoyable and efficient time working from home.

Working From Home Can Be A Challenge

There are a few things that you can do right away to improve the performance of a Windows computer. First steps to take are to clean it out – if your hard drive is full then your computer won’t run efficiently. I always aim to have at least 30% of my hard disk free. Windows needs a certain amount of virtual memory to run well, and this enables that.

If you have access to an online retailer that sells memory sticks, you can buy more RAM for your computer. This is easily the most powerful way to improve computer performance but it’s also a bit more costly and requires installation. If you are a bit handy and can follow some YouTube videos and feel confident that you can simply install a pop in piece to your computer, it’s actually fairly easy!

If you want to use some software to improve your computer’s performance then the best way to go is to use a few of our proven resources – we really like Reimage Repair to help you improve computer performance if it has been hindered by a botched installation or virus.

We also like Advanced System Repair Pro for other reasons – cleaning up your computer can really prove to be instrumental in terms of improving performance. These programs are easy to use for anyone and have proven results. This is the most cost effective way of improving computer performance.

Now, if you can use these software tools AND increase your RAM, then you’ll have a superpowered machine on your hands. This is easily the best way to improve your productivity when working at home.

Improving the ergonomics of your workstation can also go a long way in providing comfort and allowing you to work longer hours. We highly recommend the use of sit/stand desks to improve performance. Ensuring that you keep your blood flowing is essential to improving concentration and health overall. Remember – sitting for long periods of time is bad for you! We highly recommend that you enlist the help of adequate water and hydration as well as eating healthy. All of these things will contribute to a better work from home life. It’s challenging for sure, especially if you have roommates or kids.

Remember that this quarantine is for the good of us all! Working from home will likely be more respected after this is all over, and it will be a good idea to get used to it and ensure that you have all the computing tools that you will need.